Senior Back-End Tech Lead


Adrian Tombu - Freelance back end Tech Lead (Rust, Typescript) - Remote only - 4 days week

I welcome you, dear visitor, into this bare but nevertheless interesting page which is a personnal tribute to the HTML of my youth.

Here you won't find any Google Fonts or jQuery. Even less of Node.js, PHP or Jekyll. This page is the quintessence of the Internet: an HTML page as we like.

And yes, that website is a troll to all of the templates and CMS I have used in my life

Who am I?

My name is Adrian Tombu, French-Belgian of profession (with a strong penchant for Abbey brown beer), born developer during the unforgettable year of 1986: Tchernobyl catastrophe, explosion of the Challenger shuttle live in front of millions of viewers, or the passage of the magnificent Halley's Comet (one revolution every 76 years, it's celebration time!). And if you're into great wine, you should know that the 1986 vintage was absolutely exceptionnal.

Born in Belgium, I moved several times when I finished high school (everything is on my LinkedIn profile which I use as a centralised CV), before settling up in... Puygaillard-de-Quercy, in the lost countryside of Occitania, France. This is a small village of 387 living (sort of) people, located about 1h hour from the historic capital of Languedoc: Toulouse!

What can I do?

In my life of freelance tech lead in Toulouse, I mostly work with stuff related to the back end:

You should know too that I exclusively work on remote mission (as a reminder, I live in the countryside, far away from civilization).

Let's work together!

You can contact me directly on my LinkedIn profile to discuss your project.

Disclaimer : I would be delighted to apply my skills on open source projects organized asynchronously (agile has killed me over the years, I need a new love).

Wanna chat?

You can find me through the following links, because the phone is so deprecated. Anyway, I don't have cellular network at my work place in the countryside!

Opensource contributions

During my time off, and as we don't have anything else to do in the countryside, I develop open-source projects that no one uses but where I put all my love into:

The tools I use

That's all folks! You can now go back to a sane activity...